Saturday, 29 October 2011

Music and action

Met up with a couple of people from The Firebird Trust on Tuesday at an exhibition.  They put on a half hour seminar on what they did.  Shame it was so poorly attended.

They work mostly in education but are now applying what they know to the business world.  Their director Simon Steptoe has worked with the Halle on educational projects and one of their current patrons is Matthew Barley cellist extraordinary.

Simon's colleague got us working by persuading us to play the penny whistle.  My fingers and thumbs went all over where they shouldn't but with a bit longer I'd have worked it out.  In the small group were three of us who worked on their own for much of the time; one textile designer and two writers.  Although their workshops are aimed at firms, we had a short discussion on how using music aids creativity. 

The small amount we did certainly broke down barriers very fast and made us laugh.

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