Wednesday, 14 October 2009

How to finish a project

This morning I walked into our kitchen, felt the sunshine soak into my skin and relished the smell and the look of our new kitchen.

It's felt at times like we've been camping out for months - I know that's an exaggeration because it's only been weeks. But goodness now it's over how glad I am that we did it.

Just like any project we've had the excitement, choosing the colours, the units and so help me even enjoying picking the taps! Then started the hard work of clearing the kitchen and gearing ourselves for the influx of workmen.

How lucky we've been with them - all helpful, all conscientious and despite the dust, all attempting to leave us as tidy as possible each night.

Then those last finishing touches - the decorating - and my neck is now recovering from the ceilings thank you. Plus some flooring and a couple of pieces of new equipment needed. We deserved that because the items we replaced had lasted over 20 years.

It's those last few polishes of the diamond that make the difference in any project isn't it? Those personal touches that make us individual. Whether it's a kitchen or a piece of writing.

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