Saturday, 31 October 2009

Writing your book: what have you done today?

"Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action." Benjamin Disraeli

I wish those people who keeping tell us how many shopping days to Christmas would stop it. I usually allocate a couple of days to blitz my shopping, preferably not at a weekend, then forget about it.

But even leaving aside the commercial intensity shown by the retail sector to get us to spend money this year, they are right to keep nagging us.

Because time rushes on. Things get missed and then we wake up in a panic with a couple of days to go before Christmas because we've forgotten to buy something, or forgotten where something is that we'd been very organised and already bought.

Which on a different tack, but the same really, is why I'm asking "what have you done today towards that book you said you would write this year?"

Remember your New Year's resolution? Hmm - now what was it? This year I will write my book. Or at least start it.

If I'm making you feel bad, then you're in good company with some of my writer friends. This time last year one of them talked to me about a book he had planned. About a month ago he talked to me about the same book.

Not finished? Not even started. And this from a professional writer who isn't afraid of the blank page, meets deadlines for clients, and loves writing.

I set him a challenge. To start and finish it before the end of the year. Will he meet the deadline? I've no idea. But he won't get the celebratory meal I promised him if he doesn't.

If taking action on a large scale scares you, take a small step. Write the title, the contents page, the first line. Anything to convince your mind you mean business.

Then take another step, and another till as the Chinese say you'll have achieved the long journey.

Come on - I want you to do it - for you.

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