Saturday, 24 October 2009

What will your book do for your readers?

I was talking to a fellow business writer today and he said I wish I could sit in a tower and just write what I like.

Well we all feel like that when inspiration hits us, but we need to have one eye on the market and more likely three if we're writing for specific markets.

What problems are at the top of your mind right now?

Is the car, the house, the children, the partner, the work or what?

Because whatever is there, then you'll find it difficult to pay attention to anything else till you've dealt with that particular challenge. But if what I'm offering you to read doesn't cover that challenge, then no matter how well I've written or how good my offer to you is, then it will go down the to-do list.

Target, target and more target is needed. And the ivory tower will just have to wait a while.

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