Friday, 30 October 2009

Nottingham Trent University - Ingenuity Programme

It's always good to get together in a group of women and share experiences.

Under the guidance of some of the women lecturers in the business school, we had a morning thinking of how we start in business, grow a business and survive in it.

Just when you think that you are the only person to have a particular problem, you find that others have faced the same challenge... and found solutions.

The fact that so many networks keep springing up is testament to our need as women to have support. Are we better at sharing ideas, strategies and comfort? Possibly. It is seen as natural female territory.

But we're as rigorous as men in wanting solutions. It may be that we want to solve our challenges in a different way. Whatever it is, I spent a life enhancing and supportive time at the event.

Di Slaney of DIversity (marketing) and Sarah and Mig Davenport of Sarah Davenport Designs (wonderful bespoke furniture and kitchens) spoke about how they'd survived to this point. Very inspirational.

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