Saturday, 19 December 2009

How to survive writing a book

How's your book coming along?

Most people I meet feel either they have a book inside them or that they'd never dare to write one.

The first group I'm always intrigued to know how they're doing and the second group I always want to know what's stopping them.

I've no idea where you are with regard to writing a book but you may well have begun one, then given up. I'm sure for you that hurts and/or proves that you couldn't but it isn't an uncommon place to be.

Certainly I've been there and I've only made my way to becoming a published author because of stubbornness, bloody mindedness and a mad belief in myself.

How to survive writing a book: 5 strategies

  1. Be kind to yourself - award yourself, chocolate, warm socks, alcohol(not too much) or whatever it takes to keep up your motivation.

  2. Find support - if that doesn't exist around you because you're hiding it from your friends, family colleagues, then go online and join forums, (dare I suggest you join Writer's Little Book Club).

  3. Understand you need help - if not with the writing, then with the editing, printing, build your author's website etc etc.

  4. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day - you'll have times it's more difficult to write, times you want to take a break from the manuscript.

  5. Accept you're a hero - for beginning, for keeping going and for finishing.

95% of the population never make the effort to begin let alone to finish. So award yourself gold stars for every day you keep at it.

Whatever you do - keep on writing.

You can download a longer free article on the 5 strategies at

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