Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Why writers should network

I've just come back from a festive networking event. (thanks to all at FocusZenith in Bingham for their hard work in organising it)

It's fun networking as a writer because as soon as you say what you do then out come all the stories. Of books imagined, or wished for or written.

Favourite today - father in law of attendee who had been in the secret service in the 1960s. Can't tell you any more of course.

Saddest - story to be told of the loss of a child.

Most intriguing to peek behind the scenes - someone who worked for Rupert Murdoch.

As they say, everybody has a story to tell. And I was discussing with several people how to use stories in business writing. One attendee worked for a charity where they need an emotional connection to stimulate giving.

Logic in selling has its place - but emotional logic beats it hands down every time. We're brought up on stories (oh and there was a proud grandad who'd received a story about a clockmaker, in an email from his 6 year old grandson) so stories about products or services we wish to buy make sense of things for us, help us to connect and put ourselves in the picture.

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