Sunday, 20 December 2009

How to write for your business;fast and to the point

'The amateur worries about what he is going to put into his speech. The expert worries about what he should take out.' Edgar Dale

Talking to other writers at a networking event, we were swopping writing exercises we'd found useful. The timed exercise is a favourite, as is the unexpected subject. all of these are designed to stimulate your creativity without you having chance to censor your thoughts.

One of my favourite exercises is where you limit the number of words you write. If you really want to challenge yourself then try limiting time and word count.

For business writing in particular this is a valuable discipline because you never know when you might be asked for a 500 word article or a 150 word press release for a tight deadline. And of course you could practise these and have them in your back pocket ready for just such an occasion.

If you love your business, are proud of what you provide as a product or service then you should have a pool of information you can draw on and edit to fit an particular angle or theme.

What writing to a word limit teaches you is to focus on key points you want your reader to know. The fewer words you have the more important each word becomes.

Tweeting can provide you with multiple occasions to exercise this talent with keyword rich, focused statements about what you offer.

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