Friday, 22 January 2010

Writing exercises

What happened today that you can write about?

Think nothing did? Go back over your day in your mind.

If you’re writing fiction then what incidents happened that you could use as the basis for a story?
Did someone use a phrase that intrigued you or that you hadn’t come across before?
What about an incident that had you splitting your sides laughing?
Or two circumstances coming together that were odd or funny or tragic.

And if you write for business what happened with your clients?
Did someone ask you for something that you haven’t done before? Hope you said you could then worked out how to do it.

Or was there a problem with a service that you had to fix?

Or even better a rewarding piece of feedback from someone.

Any or all of these can be the springing off point for your imagination to create a story, a piece of text for a website/blog or inspiration about a new product or service you can introduce.

Even the most routine ordinary days can produce extraordinary happenings – if you’re tuned into looking for them.

Incidentally if you go over your day backwards it helps your mind process the events of your day and cuts down the work it has to do while you sleep.

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