Monday, 4 January 2010

Writing goals

Back blogging after a few days rest. Reflection comes naturally at the end of a year but as a summer baby I hate setting goals when it's dark and cold.

I prefer to set mine in the summer when my energy is at its highest. And there's less chance of me backsliding.

This year's goals are progressive too. I read somewhere (Ken McCarthy the internet marketer I think), that the road is always under construction and I agree. The goal in itself is fine, but the question then is, what next.

My biggest goal for the year, in all areas not only writing, is to be myself. Certainly in writing, if you try to be someone else then it doesn't work. We all have to find our voice. That internal something that makes us unique.

What could we be if we didn't have to worry about what our families or friends thought. If we didn't need the money. If we didn't fear loss.

What can you be if all things are equal? You can just think about it and do nothing, you can write it to me at or you can write it on a piece of paper and carry it around to encourage yourself this year.

Whatever you do I encourage you to be honest with yourself, because only then can your writing be honest for others.

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