Friday, 13 March 2009

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Writer's Little Book Club - the purpose

I like to keep these blog entries short and snappy on the whole because if you're like me, then you're busy and want information fast.

Sometimes though I feel the need to write a longer article - not I hope to be pompous but to think through a topic in a fuller way.

We had a meeting this week of the Writer's Little Book Club team to plot the strategy for the next few months. Since we all like to eat, we met up at our favourite Thai Restaurant in Nottingham, Pretty Orchid. (I love their vegetarian noodles)

Any way, as you can imagine with strong minded people we all have to put in our 2 penny worth and of course it's valuable that it isn't just my voice. As an older person than the others, I need their input on new technologies and ways of presenting information.

What I am firm about though are three things.:
that what we offer is practical information with solid value
that we appeal to writers who want to write for business not just creative writing
and most important to me
it should be fun.

If we can offer you information in an easy to absorb way, in small chunks as Kirsty Farrelly always says, and you can enjoy learning then I think we'll meet our aims. And if we're going to learn, then why not enjoy doing it.

Writing doesn't have to be hard work. Yes we have to put in the time and the effort but we should also love doing it. I was won over to words at the age of 11 when my English teacher Mr Rush introduced me to The Kids from Dead End Street.

And meeting the plays of Shakespeare and the poetry of John Keats was a sheer sensous pleasure. It was like having drunk bottles of champagne very fast. Not that I knew what champagne was in those days. Did I understand it all? Of course not - but that wasn't the point. I loved the sound of it, the rhythym of it and the power.

So whether you're writing for business or pleasure; whether you want to write for your website or to win the Booker Prize it doesn't make any difference to me. I want to help you have fun with your writing, manage your writing projects more easily and get as much pleasure out of it as I do.

We have some ambitious plans for the next few months. Yes we'll probably make mistakes but we're going to give it our best shot and since we intend to enjoy what we do, why don't you come along for the ride? We'd love to have your company.

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