Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Business strategy in 2009

Today we have a blog from our resident web strategist and customer service expert, Kirsty Farrelly on what the present business climate might be causing for writing businesses.

Cutting the Cost

I was at a party the other evening and as the conversation do often does these days, we got onto discussing - move a little close as I don't want the speak the word out loud - the recession. There was a guy there is is self employed like myself and he is struggling.

Why? Because people keep undercutting his prices, by halving theirs, to win contracts.

So here is my plea. Stop compromising your work and that of others by halving your price to secure a deal. Surely, people are making a loss when they do this. Surely they can barely be covering their costs. To me it is not good business and it is not fair play.

The old adage says, "you get what you pay for". So if these guys are halving their prices, are they halving the quality of the work?

On a bright note I know the people who will survive in the long run are those with better business sense.

Keep your head and your heart, don't compromise and things will get better and as one of the strong ones, you'll survive.

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