Friday, 20 March 2009

Songwriting: love songs

There was a Guardian/Observer supplement about 1000 songs everyone must hear at the weekend.

The first section included songs about love and unlike their series on books I should have read, I actually had heard most of them. I wonder what that says about my reading habits! Not wide enough I guess.

I've blogged before about songwriting and how I think it's a perfect challenge for a writer. To create a mood, a story and a result in less than a couple of minutes is a masterful performance.

As I went through the list what came up of course was all the associations with each song. For instance God only knows by the Beach Boys and I'm right back in my first bedsit in Nottingham with the landlady's daughter playing it over and over again in her darkened room.

Of course matching it with the perfect sounds is what sends it round the world as a success but I say hooray for the writer.

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