Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Recommended reads

Raving Fans by Kenneth Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles
(HarperCollins, 1998)

We have a recommended read from our web strategist Kirsty Farrelly today. As someone concerned that your website should pay off for you and with 17 years customer service experience in the retail book trade Kirsty has strong opinions about the need for not simply good customer service but excellent as a standard.

"I think that good customer service is a dying art, so I want to strongly recommend this book on excellent customer service. Using it as the basis for your service you too can create "raving fans for your business.

Even if you feel you might not be able to apply exactly these processes this book is inspiring and will certainly get you thinking about the customer service you and your staff currently offer.

Whilst working at Waterstone's I gave this book to every member of my team as I wanted them to offer great customer service. And it worked.

Go on - treat yourself, treat your customers and create yourself some raving fans.

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